Popsugar’s Popular Celebrity Look-alike App Has Found To Be Leaking Users Photos

Popsugar Twinning App

Privacy on the internet has become myth because in 2018 a huge number of cases of data breaching cases have made 2018 as the worst year for data privacy. However, it seems like the new year is also going to be the same because recently it’s been found popsugar’s new app is leaking the user’s images without their consent. A recent report says that popsugar’s Twinning tool which can be used to match the selfie with top celebrity look-alikes is creating severe problems. The tool which matches your photo with the celebrity’s face is found to be leaking the images of the users without their consent. Popsugar’s This new tool has been gaining a lot of popularity for this exciting feature among teenagers.

The report says that the photos of the Twinning users are stored in an Amazon web service storage bucket and the web address of that storage bucket can be found in Twinning website’s code. So anyone who knows the web address of storage bucket can have access to the lakhs of users data. Many tech experts believe that such kind of silly mistakes shall not be happening especially when the problems of data breaching are at its highest peak. The popularity of this new tool has made popsugar has gained the website more followers, but such kind of problems can diminish the company’s goodwill. No one would like to see their photos being used unethically especially without their consent.

This whole year was full of data breaching scandals, and many big tech companies have faced tons of criticism for poor management of users data. However, if popsugar wants to maintain their goodwill among its users, then the company will have to take data privacy issue more seriously. Because such kind of silly mistakes can negatively harm users mindset which can’t be easily fixed.

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