FDA Expands the List of Drugs containing Valsartan, Cause of Cancer

FDA Expands the List of Drugs containing Valsartan, Cause of Cancer

The U.S. Department of Food and Drug Administration stretched the list of drugs that’s been recalled containing valsartan. This drug is used as a component in a variety of drugs used for treating blood pressure and heart failure. At first, the FDA declared a valsartan recall after lab tests back in July, discovering that some of the drugs might be stained with a substance that’s might lead to a higher chance of cancer. The drug earlier has been recalled by 22 countries. This expanded recall has some drugs containing hydrochlorothiazide and valsartan. Though, not all of the drugs that obtain valsartan had an impact. Newly added to eth list contains some of the valsartan items that are manufactured by the Hetero Labs Ltd., in India that is labeled as the Camber Pharmaceuticals Inc. Test results show that some among the products may be tainted.

The medicines that are a part of this expanded list now, are tablets rolled out by the Bryant Ranch Prepack Inc, AvKare, A-S Medication Solutions LLC, H J Harkins Company, NuCare pharmaceuticals Company, Northwind Pharmaceuticals, Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc. Teva Pharmaceuticals USA. The FDA even published a list including all valsartan products, which are lately not recalled. Only those drugs that are under suspicion of being tainted by NDMA are on this recall list. For those who are consuming the valsartan drug, check for the name of the company on their respective prescribed bottle. If the info is absent on the label then one can call the pharmacy for further details. The recalled medication is linked to a Chinese manufacturer. The Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals supplies these substances.

The FDA state on its website that it’s been working with all the drug manufacturers for ensuring the future valsartan pharmaceutical active ingredient isn’t at risk. A representative for the American Heart Association stated that the patients who are into medications should not stop taking medicines suddenly, as that might be harmful. They are recommended to consult their doctors first. The FDA suggests continuing with the prescribed drug, till any replacement is made by the doctor or a pharmacist.

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