Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaks: Offers all Day Battery and 1TB Storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There already has been much rumours flipping out in the air till date about the Samsung Galaxy S9, and needless to say more such news will keep pouring in regarding the new flagship in the coming weeks. But lately Samsung affirmed that it’s going to make an official announcement about the Galaxy Note 9 at a special event on 9th August, in NYC. The official release video of the Galaxy 9 for its long-running next flagship Smartphone; the Note 9 seems to have been leaked, but the forthcoming phablet has already got many leaks and there hasn’t been any radical change clearly. Although, Samsung fans need not to wait much as its official release is happening soon.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 draws the wand from the Galaxy Note 8 that was one significant handset for Samsung. After the failure it faced with the Note 7 this was the saving grace of the company. It proved that in spite of one laid back, Galaxy Note all queued up to sustain here. Samsung absolved itself with its Galaxy Note 8, and so now it’s just the time to see what future is written with the upcoming Note 9.

Galaxy Note 9 with its 1TB storage just made something spectacular out of smartphones. The forthcoming Galaxy Note 9 has bunch of great things to offer, and it’s going to be the last flagship phone by the company until CES 2019 atleast. It’s around 2019 there might be some news about the Galaxy X, which will be the first foldable Smartphone in the world. But for now putting an emphasis on the latest rumoured Galaxy Note that is believed to boast a 1TB storage space. Further a 4000mAh battery is expected inside the Note 9, level up from the 3300mAh battery that should provide an all-day long powerful battery, which is under test by Samsung as it teases. Galaxy Note 9 might have 8GB RAM. It might also come up with 512 GB storage with upgrading option to 1TB internal storage having expandable microSD in some selected markets.

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