YouTube Music Is Now Going To Be Pre Installed In Android 10 Smartphones

Google, in a recent report, said that instead of Google play music, YouTube Music would be pre-installed in android 10 phones. YouTube Music has made quite a buzz from the last few months, and now Google has replaced it with Google play music officially. This report indicates that the days of Google Play Music are soon coming to an end. Google ended an artists hub of Google Play music which means tech giant’s disinterest in running music app. Shutting of Artists Hub was a significant setback for many artists who could upload their songs on Google Play Music directly.

In an email, Google said that the reason behind the closure of Artists Hub was because of YouTube Music. The tech giant company has encouraged artists to join YouTube music for promoting their content. Google is trying to bring YouTube Music on a significant level hence taking so many actions to create a buzz around it. Replacing it with Google play music might not be that much easy, but it’s already happening. Those people who are already using Google play music and fond of it, that will be hard for you to shift to YouTube Music. Many people still think that YouTube Music is not that good as compared to Google Play Music.

People like to use music streaming apps which offers new and great features. YouTube music got its discover weekly like feature recently, which shows that it’s already behind. Tech experts think that Google needs to stick with one music app. The tech giant hasn’t stuck with one app, and that’s one thing which they need to change. However, as of now, it seems like YouTube Music will be the app with which company is going to get stuck with.

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