Heart-Related Diseases Are Increasing At A Faster Rate In The USA

Heart-Related Diseases

There are very few people in the USA who on a daily basis like to do exercise and not surprisingly these are the only people who don’t and won’t have any major diseases. Recently The American Health Association said that more than 121 million people living the US have heart-related diseases and the number be more than expected. The way people are living their daily life is causing them many problems than they know and that’s why now almost half of America is diagnosed with heart problems. Hypertension and blood pressure are one of the significant heart-related diseases which are causing tremendous obstacles to the ordinary citizen of this country. Because recently the health organization said people living in between 20 to 60 have high blood pressure problems. High blood pressure is one of the primary reason behind most of the heart-related issues.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the top causes of deaths in America because reports say that more than 840000 dies every year because of it. Analysts think that the number of people dying because of the cardiovascular disease has increased by 40000 in the last two years and it’s not slowing down. Health experts said they are not shocked by that number because they think problems like diabetes, obesity is the main reason behind so many deaths of people. People need to change their lifestyle if they don’t want to get such type of disease because not following a healthy routine invites such kind of health conditions.

Health experts think more than 80% of the cardiovascular diseases can be prevented if people quit smoking or controlled the blood pressure. Some people don’t want to follow the required prescriptions to avoid significant health problems, and that’s why many of them get diagnosed with heart-related diseases.

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