Facebook Testing Dark Mode For Android App That Darkens Whole Background


Social media giant Facebook is testing dark mode for its Android-based application. Several Android users have reported that the Facebook app switched to dark mode automatically. But it disappeared shortly as well. The dark mode turns smartphones’ displays black during the night. Besides Facebook, major tech giants are also working on dark mode. According to the company, the dark mode will resist unnecessary exposure from blue light. Facebook’s logo and other designs are in shades of blue color. This is not the first time when Facebook is working on dark mode support. Two months earlier, several users had reported the same experience.

The feature is currently in the testing phase and therefore it is not available for all. But it is confirmed that the US-based social media player is actively testing the new feature among selected Android users. According to multiple reports, the new feature darkens the whole background. Actually, it shows a complete grayish background instead of pure dark. The color of the text also changes to a light grayish color. This matches the contrast of the both — background and text. Notably, Facebook has not confirmed anything so far about the dark mode. But it is likely that the company will roll out the new feature very soon.

Facebook is also developing a new feature called Favorites. It will allow users to share content with close friends. It is moreover similar to Instagram’s Close Friends feature. The feature is aimed at encouraging people to share more on Facebook. It is in line with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s attempts to turn the communication platform into a more privacy-focused site. The dark mode has been in the trend for some time now. It is simply a color scheme that uses light-colored text on a dark background. Other tech giants Google and Microsoft have already started rolling out dark mode support for apps. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp is also working on implementing dark theme on both Android and Website.

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