Apple Contractors Overheard The Sensitive Information About Users

Apple Contractors Overheard The Sensitive Information About Users

Tech companies are going through some solid phase because of their weird habits of tracking users sensitive information. After Google and Amazon had been found of listening to users data now, Apple has also joined that list. Apple’s Siri is listening to users voice data like drug deals, doctor’s visits, also even sexual escapades as a part of quality control guidelines. Apple said that they track these data of users as part quality control measures because they have to improve voice recognition feature frequently. However, the critical thing which shocked many users is that strangers are checking their personal data. Many people don’t like to share their own stuff with total strangers like Apple contractors.

The contractors get handed over with data recordings of all users. After hearing many of them, they conclude which one is useful for improving Siri’s voice recognition feature. Apple has said that they don’t use all information about users instead just a fraction of voice recording is being used for quality control. However, some contractors anonymously said that sometimes they have to encounter with those users data which, according to them, is very sensitive. Sensitive information could mean the discussion between doctors and patients, business deals, some criminal dealings, and sexual encounters also.

Most of the times, users don’t know that their conversation is getting recorded by Siri, and they carelessly talk plus share the sensitive information. However, Apple has agreed that they also use these data of users for quality controls only. There have been cases where it’s been found that Apple’s Siri started recording things even though users never wanted it. Apple said that they did not misuse the information of some users private data. Still, it’s unclear how a tech giant company can hand over sensitive information to some third party contractors.

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