New Discovery by Astronomers: Mysterious Alien Radio Signal from 3 Billion Light Years Away

Mysterious Alien Radio Signal from 3

There’s hype in all the latest headlines regarding a weird radio signal captured by a Canadian telescope. The fact got stretched so far that many started telling that it might be the cause of Aliens. But Astronomers nailed it down as the origin of Fast “Radio Bursts; incisive but a brilliant up burst of cosmic radio waves, that’s highly magnetised to a gas-filled outer space region, which provided a new clue in that decade-long quest for explaining the inscrutable radio pulses. Astronomers traced it as a source of series of ponderous radio waves that last only millisecond, to a dwarf Galaxy 9 from 3 billion light years away.

Patrick Boyle from the McGill University of Canada posted on an observation on the Telegram of Astronomer- a certified website where astronomers post their observations, which stated a radio telescope known, as the Canadian “Hydrogen Mapping intensity Experiment (CHIME)” witnesses a mysterious quick radio burst that’s a collection of radio waves coming far from the outer Milky Way Galaxy, according to USA report. From the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy-ASTRON’s astronomer; Emily Petroff said that it’s interesting since it had been seen below the lower radio frequencies than they have seen in the FRB earlier.  They yet don’t know much about the FRBs regarding these frequencies, and this is why it’s great to find they’re atleast detectable and CHIME is discovering them.

There’s an invisible universe out there that’s not visible to the naked eye. This mysterious could be related to the black hole or to any neutron stars. A scientist even said who knows it can even be aliens. The first radio burst tends to be the random, one-off blasts of a single strong energy. Researchers don’t have the exact data to point out the exact source of these bursts, but the team is sure of the fact that it’s coming from outer space. The timing of this discovery seems to be co-incidental as last week only scientists thought they were getting close in understanding the FRBs.

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