US-China Trade Talk Are Going To Happen In Next Week

US-China Trade Talk Are Going To Happen In Next Week

The trade war between the US and China is on the high level, but now soon both these countries are going to meet to solve this ongoing issue. There are many times when US-China tried to explain this current trade war situation, and they failed at it continuously. However, during the G-20 Summit, President Trump and Xi Jumping met and decided to conduct a meeting for solving this issue. This meeting is going to include both countries officials, and there will be a lengthy discussion between them to resolve this matter.

White House has already said that they’re expecting a reasonable and fair trade deal from China, but that didn’t happen last time. Trump has said that he is going to diminish the trade restrictions put on Huawei if China agrees to purchase agricultural products. The proposed meeting is going to happen in Beijing, China and US officials will travel within the next few days. Trump administration has always been hard over this issue.

Earlier there have been times where trade talks didn’t go well, and now something like that shouldn’t happen in this upcoming trade talk meeting. In the meantime, Trump is looking to solve another trade tension between the US has with Mexico and Canada. Since the start of trade war investors on wall street were observing this situation. Every single news relating to trade war has affected either positively or negatively on wall street. Now the ongoing trade talks between the US and China is also going to watched by investors. However, there is speculation going on, which says that this trade deal might bring good news for both countries. Trump might not want to ruin the opportunity this time of signing a trade deal with China.

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