Google Removed Crypto Stealing App from Google Play Store

Crypto Stealing App

Cryptocurrency wallets are considered safer than any other monetary wallet due to impenetrable security. But the Google Play Store had one application which stole the cryptocurrency from people’s wallet without their knowledge. After the internet security agency informed Google about the malicious app, it was immediately taken down. The clipper malware app was installed in the apps of many users and affected them as their cryptocurrency was transferred to attackers accounts.

The app named as MetaMask, which has nothing to do with the Ethereum based wallet management service. The attacker just posed as MetaMask to gain trust from the users and activated the clipper malware once the app is installed. The malware works by monitoring the system clipboard and replacing the copied wallet addresses with the attackers. It was a smart idea indeed to target the newbie users as most of the people never type wallet address manually while transferring the money. Instead, they copy and paste. The app took advantage of the same and edited the copied address with that of the user. That’s how the developer got all the money that people transferred to other addresses.

MetaMask, which is the Ethereum based wallet management service said that Google should take appropriate actions on implementing the trademark reservation policy on the Play Store. The company also said that they are not involved in the malware app that stole the crypto-currency from wallets. It is surprising that Google has not yet implemented the trademark reservation system on the Google Play Store. Also, it is curious to know how the MetaMask malware app got listed on the Play Store even when the manual verification of the apps is done before publishing them on the Play Store.

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