Coca Cola Has Launched New Flavored Cold Drinks

Coca Cola

In business sometimes a company will have to change their strategy in order to sustain in future and it seems like Coca Cola is also trying to the same. Recently company has officially launched new flavored drinks which is Orange vanilla. Coca Cola has decided to launch orange vanilla flavored drinks to win their losing customers. From last few years company has been losing some of its customers because of a lack of cold drink options.

Coca Cola is that company which is dominating the cold drink industry for many decades, and this is the first time when they have introduced a new type of drinks. The company will be adding following flavored drinks: Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke and Vanilla Coke Zero. Last year the company released Coca Cola Zero Sugar which became a massive success because many customers liked it also that’s why the company is deciding to come up with new flavored drinks. According to reports when the company wanted to add a new flavored drink, they went from various options like lemon, raspberry, and ginger but company’s officials decided to choose orange vanilla.

If we look into the global market then in many parts of Asian countries already have got different types of flavored drinks. Company in past years had already tried to add different flavors in Diet Coke, but that plan didn’t go well. In 1985 Coca Cola changed its recipe to bring new cold drinks into the market, but at the time people didn’t like it. It seems like most of the customers of Coca Cola are die-hard fans of its original drinks. However, it will be interesting to see how people are now going to react to these new favored cold drinks.

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