Starbucks Have Decided To Expands Its Delivery Services To 6 More Cities


In the business industry, some companies try their best to excel by joining hand with other companies, and it seems like the same thing is happening with Starbucks. According to the latest report which states that Starbucks now is going to expands its delivery service with the help of Under Eats under which the company soon will be able to deliver its products to six major US cities namely Boston, Chicago, L.A., New York and Washington, D.C. There have been many predictions going out relating to this new joint venture between these two companies, but with this announcement, it’s been confirmed now. Starbucks will be aiming to cover every part of major US cities with the help of Uber eats. This new program will be called as Starbucks Delivers and company has started already its experiment about this new program in Miami, and the responses are good.

However, this is not the first time Starbucks has tied up with other company to deliver its product because in China Starbucks has entered into the partnership with Alibaba and through which they have reached to the thousands of people in China. In Starbucks china operation the company managed to cover 30 major cities across the country by the end of 2018 which shows that delivery companies can be helpful for the company’s product selling. The company’s officials have said that they want to continue this business model in the USA with th help of Ubereats.

Now those who use Starbucks Delivers service can easily place their orders through the Ubereats apps also. The users can browse the Starbucks menu and choose any item they want to order from the Uber eats and many people liked this new feature. However, some people are criticising Starbucks Deliver since the company is charging $2.49  per order. Despite the criticism, the company has said that they are getting strong demand from its customers.

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