Amazon, Microsoft and Apple Are Competing With Each Other to Become World’s Biggest Company

Amazon, Microsoft and Apple

When it comes to the tech industry, there are very few companies in it which are still running for a long time and trying to dominate the whole industry. Recently, it’s been observed that Amazon, Microsoft and Apple are closely competing with each other to become the world’s most valuable company. Because according to the report the from last few days the market capitalisation of each of these companies crossed an $860 billion benchmark. As of now the Apple is the largest publicly traded companies with a market cap of $877 billion, followed by Amazon at $866 billion and then Microsoft with $860 billion.

Many companies in the tech industries suffered a massive amount of losses because of the trade war between China and The US., but recently, the White House has announced to stop the trade war for the period of next 90 days. After this announcement, the stocks of most of the tech companies performed exceptionally well on Saturday which indicated that the faith of the investors is restoring. Due to the trade war and minimum wage payment companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple had to suffer a right amount of losses due to which the companies stocks were not performing well. However, before this trade war a few months ago the market capitalisation of Apple and Amazon crossed the benchmark of $1 trillion.

A few days ago Apple and Amazon both companies predicted to have less number of sales in the upcoming quarter which is still impacting negatively on both company’s stocks. But on the other hand, Microsoft seems to be in a good position because overall the value of Microsoft has increased by more than 3 times from the last five years. But even though all of these three companies seem to be competing with each other majority of their businesses gets affected because of the geopolitical situations like a trade war. It will be interesting to see now which company is going to take more advantage since the US has stopped the trade war.

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