Surgeons Successfully Did A Full Face Transplant

Full Face Transplant

Sometimes by using high technologies, sharp-minded doctors can do miracles and recently that’s what happened because a team of surgeons has successfully done a full face transplant surgery on a 26-year-old guy. According to the report, a team of more than 100 surgeons at New York University Langone medical center successfully performed the face transplant. It’s been reported that the group of surgeons had to use facial skin from a donor to do full face transplant surgery on a 26-year-old patient. The name of the patient on whose this surgery is done is Cameron Underwood who reportedly tried shot himself and severely injured most of his lower jaw, teeth, and nose.

As per the reports, Dr. Eduardo D. Rodriguez led the team of surgeons. The first time Dr. Rodriguez and his team performed this facial surgery were on January 5, 2018, and according to him that surgery lasted for more than 25 hours. After that surgery, there have been continuous operations performed by the surgeons on that patient, and now recently doctors declared that they had completed all the necessary procedures. According to the surgeons they had to use the middle and lower part of the donor’s face to achieve the full face transplant. The surgeons had to replace the patient’s upper and lower jaws, 32 teeth, the roof and floor of the mouth which according to the surgeons was the most challenging part of the face transplant.

Due to the great innovation in technologies doctors nowadays can now perform such kind of painful surgeries very efficiently. Dr. Bruce E. Gelb who is a transplant surgeon at NYU Langone medical center congratulated the whole team who has done this incredible surgery. According to him, it’s great to see Cameron responding so positively to the face transplant.

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