Amazon Wants to Make Space in Every Room of the House


Amazon truly wants the world to talk to its smart assistant Alexa. The company declared a dozen of new products making it transparent that the tech giant wants the world to have a word with its Alexa every day at every point in daily lives. that too in every room of the house irrespective of where one is. The company introduced four entirely new products to its category of smart Speakers; the Echo spot that’s a smart alarm clock having a video screen, the high-end Echo Plus, which doubles a smarter home hub, a set of button accessories targeted at making the Echo that’s more of an entertainment device, and the Echo connect; a speaker phone box worth $35 that plugs into the traditional connection of landline using the home number. Amazon also revealed Echo updates that hasn’t witnessed any upgrade since its launch back in 2014, decreasing the size of the Fire TV so that’s it’s no more its own set-top box. It does still propose 4K streaming, but now it plugs completely in to the back of the TV. So following some of the other product announcements, it’s clear that Amazons wills to stretch the Alexa and Echo system, its digital assistant to almost every possible home.

Amazon is adopting spray-and-pray approach here; some of it products are high-end and niche, equipped for audiophiles, while others come as cheap and mass market item. The desperate step in making Alexa as much ubiquitous as possible may eventually increase expectations for others in this area such as; Apple and Google; those are yet to release its dedicate smart home speakers- named the HomepPod. Ecosystem; the Amazon product combined together in one launch event and the result is overwhelming. May b Amazon really know what it’s doing with so many potential roll outs of its own?

Echo Plus, Echo Shoe, Echo Dot, Echo Wall Clock, Echo Input, Echo Auto, Echo Link, Echo Sub, Fire TV Recast, Amazon Smart Plug, Amazon Basics Microwave, and so on are all the products debuted by Amazon fitting into greater world.

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