Apple Allows Return Of Social Media App Parler To The iOS App Store

Social Media App Parler

Social media app Parler is all set to return to the iOS app store months after it was kicked off the platform over Capitol riots. Parler has been allowed back to the platform after the social media company made several improvements. These improvements are in terms of curbing hate speeches and detect them in a better. The decision means the app will be once again available for download on Apple devices. The app is extremely popular among conservatives along with members of the far-right. Apple had banned the app from its platform following the Capitol riots. It even pledged that the app would be welcomed back only after it takes appropriate measures to beef up its content moderation.

The social media app is controlled by Republican mega-donor Rebekah Mercer. In a letter to Congress, Apple explained that Parler has proposed updates and measures for content moderation. The app was banned by Apple in January this year. The letter said that the changes were reviewed by the review team which reached the conclusion that changes were sufficient. Now, Parler has to simply flip the switch. “Apple believes that the social media app will immediately on our devices as soon as Parler releases it,” the company said in the letter.

Parler has pitched itself as an alternative to Facebook and Twitter. It casts itself as the champion of free speech. But it faced some tough times after it was help responsible for failing to stop incitement that led to the US Capital riots of January 6. It was banned by Apple and kicked off of Google’s app stores. Moreover, Amazon Web Services refused to host the app anymore. This forced Parler to go offline unless it found the hosting service. Parler later said that other vendors too cut ties with the company. For several weeks users visiting the app were greeted with a static page. The app made a comeback on February 15 but at the cost of the CEO’s termination. It took Parler several weeks to convince Apple for giving the approval to make a comeback. Meanwhile, Parler has waged a legal battle against Amazon saying that the company did not fulfill the terms and conditions of the services.

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