Google Makes Copy Link To Highlight Feature Part Of Chrome 90, No Extension Required


Google recently released Chrome 90. Chrome 90 is a browser version for desktops. The company has introduced a new feature for sharing links. The latest feature will allow users to share links with highlighted text. The company said that users can create a link that will take others to the part of a page highlighted in the shared link. Google had launched the feature in 2020. However, the capability was available to users as an extension. The tech giant has now made the feature a part of Chrome. Introducing the feature as a part of the browser means that users will not require installing anything extra. They will get the feature as an integral part of the web version.

Google’s new feature comes close on the heels of the launch of the 90th stable version of Chrome. Google is offering multiple improvements under the surface with Chrome 90. The company has now started rolling out the feature as a part of the browser. The feature will be useful to those sharing stuff with friends, colleagues, or anyone. Google noted that the feature will come as a handy for students and colleagues at the workplace. Google said that the copy link to highlight feature is not available to iOS users. The search engine giant said that it will soon add support for iOS. The new feature is available to Chrome browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome 90 provides new management tools to the users.

Google said that it has also made a themed video as it rolls out the new browser version. The video seeks to explain its features to the users. The company has also provided a two-page PDF viewer for the browser. A new toolbar in the browser allows users to zoom and jump to a page. Google said that users can now save and print any document with just one click. The new update also brings a new interface for switching tabs. Google said that it is also working to make video conferencing better. Chrome 90 comes with the AV1 Encoder support. It will offer good video quality and take less bandwidth even when slow data connections. Meanwhile, Google said that it will soon use HTTPS as default. It will be helpful when users forget to add the HTTP or HTTPS while entering a website in the address bar. It will first arrive in Chrome 90.

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