Chris Hemsworth Said He Didn’t Have Money Before He Got The Role Of Thor

Chris Hemsworth Said He Didn't Have Money Before He Got The Role Of Thor

Everyone knows the success story of Avengers cast who have now got the full media coverage. However, very few people know the real-life struggle these actors had to face. Chris Hemsworth, who is famous for playing for Thor, has recently shared his struggle story which might inspire lots of people. While giving an interview, he mentioned that he started the acting and doing roles in films, TV because he loved this profession but also his family was in dire need of money.

The 35-year-old Australian actor said it was his immense desire to help his parents financially in hard times, which has driven him to this success. He said he put lots of pressure on himself and if he didn’t give that much importance to the struggles of his family, then he would’ve been more relaxed. Chris had a small role in opera show where he acted in there from 2004 to 2007.

However, he failed to get any big movie during this whole period. He had a chance to get a role in movies like G.I.Joe rise of the cobra and X-men, which were a lot successful at that time. He said at that time, losing such roles made him lots of upset since he was running out of money. However, if he didn’t refuse those roles, then he wouldn’t have got an iconic character of Thor in Marvel movies.

Chris said he felt at home while playing the role of Thor, and he is glad that he got the opportunity to work with such a great cast. However, he thinks writers of Thor at first didn’t do any justice to character that much because he felt a burden while doing that role until he starred in more comedic version in Thor: Ragnarok. Fans have loved the transformation of Thor throughout all Marvel films also it seems like he deserves success after what he has gone through.

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