Tesla Rolls Back Latest Full Self-Driving Software After Users Raises Issues Of False Crash Warnings


Leading electric vehicle maker Tesla has encountered issues with its Full Self-Driving. The company has pulled back the software temporarily. The decision to roll back the latest version of FSD beta software was taken after several users said that they are facing issues. Users complained of false collision warnings in the software among other issues. Following this, the company decided to roll back. This came a day after the company started rolling out the latest version of the software. Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the roll-back decision. He said that some issues with the software forced the company to take this decision. He, however, didn’t specify the issues users reported.

Musk said that Tesla is rolling back the FSD to 10.2 from 10.3. The decision is temporary. He said that issues were expected with the beta version of the software. He added that it is not possible to test all configurations in all conditions with the company’s internal quality assurance. The decision is seen as a setback for the company. Tesla is already facing regulatory scrutiny over the software’s safety. Although it is semi-autonomous driving technology, the company calls it Full Self-Driving. Tesla while releasing the software had said that the 10.3 beta version features several improvements that make the new system safe to use.

According to Tesla, the latest beta version of the software powers vehicles to virtually drive automatically. The software drives the vehicle on both highways and streets just by setting a location in its navigation system. However, it is considered to be at Level 2 which is a semi-automated driving system. This requires constant supervision by a driver. Tesla tells the vehicle owners that they will be responsible for the vehicle’s direction. Drivers will have to remain alert when the vehicle is in FSD mode. It reminds drivers to keep their hands on the wheel. This is necessary to take control of the vehicle at any time. Notably, the EV maker had been at the receiving end of severe flak following accidents of its vehicles with the FSD package.

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