Elon Musk Not Impressed By Tesla’s Latest Full Self-Driving Software, Says It Is ‘Not Great’

Elon Musk Said On Self Driving Tesla Is Vastly Ahead Of Its Competitors

Tesla chief executive officer Elon Musk is apparently not impressed with the latest version of self-driving software and said that it is ‘actually not great.” Musk said that the team of engineers is rallying to improve Tesla’s experimental driver-assistance software, FSD Beta 9.2. He said that the company is trying to have a single stack for both highway & city streets but “achieving that would require massive NN retraining.”

Later, Musk said in a tweet that he had tested FSD or Full Self Driving capability beta version 9.3 and that has a lot of improvement. Musk said that he tested the version while driving from Pasadena to Los Angeles International Airport. It is pertinent to mention that this version has yet not been released.

The much-awaited beta version 9 was rolled out by the company in July. However, the company told drivers that it may perform not as expected at the worst time. Musk too had tweeted ahead of the release. He had said that drivers must be ‘paranoid’ while using the software.

For those who are unaware, FDA is the latest and enhanced version of Autopilot. This is driver-assistance software that will be installed in every vehicle of the company. But it must be noted that FSD driver-assistance software and therefore does not make the car fully autonomous.

FSD can perform tasks like changing lanes itself, parking, and even stop at red lights by recognizing traffic signs. Tesla has said that by the end of the year 2021, FSD would also be capable of automatically steering on city streets. The feature is long-awaited. The feature is present in the FSD Beta version but that is imperfect and incomplete. Meanwhile, a formal investigation has been launched into the Autopilot system.

The investigation is being conducted by federal vehicle safety authorities in the United States. Autopilot is the most basic version of the driver assistance system developed by Tesla. It is now being offered as a standard part of all Tesla vehicles.

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