Netflix Might Win Oscars In 2020 With Martin Scorsese’s Film The Irishman

The Irishman

Recently, every movie lover watched Oscars 2019 which made lots of news because of its controversies. Netflix is that company which got criticism from many film producers also they opposed company’s films, but still, Netflix owned Roma film shocked everyone with tons of nominations and wins. However, Roma did not win the Oscar for best picture and lost it to the Green Book, but still, Netflix hasn’t lost its hope for bringing an Oscar. Accordingly, Martin Scorsese has demanded Netflix to release his next film The Irishman in theatrical and not only on the streaming platform.

A few days ago Netflix said that they are going to release their movies just in the selected number of theatres, but now after Scorsese’s pressure, Netflix has decided to change its policy. The Irishman is a mob based crime drama film which stars legendary actors like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in leading roles. Netflix is facing lots of criticism from filmmakers for not following film norms, and now that’s why the company has decided to break its own policy and release The Irishman theaterwide. This film has a whopping budget of more than $125 milion, so one can imagine how much money Netflix has spent on this movie.

Oscars has always been a topic of controversy because many filmmakers had their own opinions regarding the Academy awards winning system. The movie streaming company is planning to win movie lovers hearts by giving them tons of amount of good films, and that’s why Netflix has invested so much amount of money on its content. Steven Spielberg who is a renowned director is pushing Oscar to put a rule which will force filmmakers to release their films in theatres and that too for at least four weeks.

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