Study Found That Insomnia Might Lead To Severe Depression And Cardiovascular Disease


Sometimes people who are tired after working for long hours might not get quality sleep. There are some group of people who might trouble to get a healthy amount of sleep, and they will keep awake the whole night. Insomnia is that psychological problem in which a person won’t get sleep. Now a study found that such a situation might create difficulties of severe depression and heart-related diseases also. A researcher from the University of Pennsylvania found that there’s a linkage in between insomnia and depression, heart diseases. If we look into the record, then more than one-third of whole world’s population currently is suffering from insomnia. Sleep deprivation is a serious health problem which often people underestimate, but it can lead to severe diseases also. According to a research Insomnia, every year costs more than $63 billion to the US workforce.

Recently a group of researchers analyzed more than one millions of peoples data in which they found that 30% of those people have insomnia. Now this estimate can be applied to every human being living on this planet, so it’s not hard to believe that on an average every fourth person on this planet is sleep deprived. Researchers found that some people who are suffering from insomnia might have suffered from depression or heart diseases in the past. Researchers think insomnia is a severe problem which shall be studied by doctors carefully to find a cure. A person diagnosed with insomnia might not be able to get proper sleep which will leave its negative impact on a person’s healthy lifestyle.

Alternatively, those people who are suffering from depression might cure insomnia also by taking anti-depression pills and necessary medicines. Researchers said that they’re trying to find out more about the linkage between depression and heart problems with insomnia.

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