Microsoft Makes Windows 11 Official; To Support Android Apps, Retail Copies To Be Available Early Next Year


Software giant Microsoft has made Windows 11 official. Windows 11 is a desktop operating system. It is developed by Microsoft. The next version of its desktop OS will succeed Windows 10 which was released six years ago. Microsoft said that the new OS will come with a free upgrade. This means that Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade the OS for free. The company, however, didn’t confirm the exact date of the rollout. However, it said that Windows 11 will start rolling out this summer holiday. The company said that it has simplified the design of the new OS. Also, it will enhance the user experience and increase the productivity level. It added that Windows 11 will open more spaces for creativity.

The new OS will give more control to the users. Microsoft said that the new Start button in Windows 11, taskbar, icon, sound, and font, everything has been done intentionally. It will give users a more hold and offer a sense of calm. Microsoft will introduce Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops in the new OS. It will provide users with a more powerful way to perform multitasking. It said that the new features will help users to organize their windows screen. Microsoft said that users can create separate Desktops for each part of life. Users can customize desktops for different tasks like school, work, or gaming.

The company said that Windows 11 is also made for gamers. It will unlock the full potential of the hardware by putting the latest gaming technology to work. Microsoft said that Windows 11 will load new games faster than ever. The company has integrated Chat from Microsoft Teams into the taskbar. The retail copies of Windows 11 will be available from early next year. The OS will also come with support for Android apps. The company has been planning to bring Android apps to Windows. This could provide a breakthrough as users will get access to Android apps on the desktop.

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