New Game Of Thrones Fan Theory Suggests That Samwell Tarly Is Azor Ahai

amwell Tarly Is Azor Ahai

Winter is here! Well, every game of thrones fan right now is waiting for only one thing, and that’s 14th April because HBO has officially announced that it’s going to air first episode of final season on 14th April 2019. Many speculations are going on regarding last season of HBO’s highly popular TV show. GOT fans are ready with their theories and speculations because recently HBO released some photos of upcoming episodes. HBO has never been a good secret keeper because before the release of the game of thrones season 7 scripts of many episodes gots online leaked which hugely impacted on its viewership.

However, currently, every game of thrones fan has got shocked with a recent fan theory which shows that Samwell Tarly is the Azor Ahai. A recent fan theory which shows us that Samwell Tarly might be the Azor Ahai who is also known as the prince who was promised. HBO’s show Game of Thrones is already ahead of George RR Martin’s books, and in the books, there has been mentioned of a special character called Azor Ahai known as the prince who can kill the Night’s king. From last many years, every fan thought that Jon Snow is the Azor Ahai who is going to kill Night’s King, but now this new theory proves all of us wrong.

If we look into this theory, then it could be true also because Samwell Tarly might be that prince who is going to create that magical word through which he will defeat the darkness. In books, Melisandre has mentioned about the prince who has been promised and what he can do with his magical sword. However, now every game of Thrones fans have become highly excited because of this fan theory since no one imagined show’s ending from this point of view.

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