Snapchat Adds Ability To Let Creators Display Their Subscriber Counts Publicly


Multimedia messaging platform Snapchat has added a new ability that lets creators display their subscriber counts publicly. It is similar to rival platform Instagram. Snapchat said that creators wanted to demonstrate their growing community by making subscriber counts public. The addition fulfills a long pending demand. The development will make the platform more of a public centric. The company said that it heeded the feedback from its creator community and introduced the necessary changes. Snapchat said that it has not extended the new feature to everyone. It said that people who have an established creator with a public profile will be able to display their subscriber counts.

Snapchat creator profiles let users permanently display a public profile on the app. Snapchat introduced creator profiles in September. It is similar to verified Snap Stars’ profiles. According to the company, displaying a public profile on the app offers creators access to a host of tools. With these tools, they can get close to their audience and establish direct links with brands. Snapchat is a hugely popular social media platform in the United States. It was launched in 2011. Multiple factors make Snapchat popular and a favorite among young people. According to the company’s claim, nearly a quarter of the American young population used the platform in 2019.

By displaying the subscriber counts, Snapchat will compete with the photo-sharing platform Instagram. On Instagram, brands look at users’ follower counts to measure the performance of profile before signing any business pact. Before this, brands had to ask Snapchat creators specifically to share details like subscriber counts to clinch a business deal. Snapchat is developed by California based Snap Inc. The platform recently reported a sharp jump in daily active users. It touched 249 million-mark, an increase of 11 million from the previous quarter. The company said that average number of Snaps created on a daily basis rose nearly 25 percent YoY. The company in the third quarter reported a 52 percent increase in revenue at USD 679 million.

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