The Number Of Deaths In Texas Have Crossed 8000 Benchmark


When it comes to coronavirus, the cases in the Texas state are increasing at a rapid rate. A recent report submitted on Friday shows coronavirus deaths have crossed the benchmark of 8000, and 7000 new cases found in a day. This number came after the latest finding done by the health officials who are closely looking at the results of the test. After recent reports gathered from the hospital authorities, it’s been found the death toll has reached to 8096. The cases of coronavirus in Texas started to rise in March when bulk testing was going on. Even though compared to last month hospitalisation and new patients rate has declined this number is still higher. State’s health officials are urging people to follow the social distance and stay at home even though many people are not taking them seriously. Dallas county seems to have lots of new coronavirus cases because 422 new cases and ten deaths have been reported from here.

Health authorities of Dallas county said they are seeking a good improvement in the coronavirus cases because of the mask-wearing. People are still advised by doctors to follow the required social distancing during these hard times. Majority of the people who died in Dallas county were above 60 that shows the danger this virus has on older adults. Those who have diabetics issues are still advised to stay at home and follow the social distance since they are more prone to coronavirus than any other. Tarrant County on Friday reported three new deaths and 272 condiment new cases. All of the data is indicating one thing only that the spread of the covid-19 is inevitable. People who are following precautions are still on the safer side than ignorant ones.

Other areas in which cases are increasing are Cinemark, Denton county, and other parts of northern Texas where cases are increasing every day. The school authorities are trying to start the school with virtual learning along with an option of allowing few students for live classes. However, considering the current situation, it’s still in a vague position, and we might not be able to see things implemented correctly.

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