Study Says Women Generate More T Cells Response Against COVID 19 Than Men Do

Recent research from the UK has confirmed that women develop a stronger T-cell response than men do to fight against coronavirus. Researchers have examined nearly 11000 COVID 19 death records for the study. They have found that men are 2.4 times more likely to die due to COVID 19 than women. Some data from Wuhan China, the epicenter of the pandemic, indicates that the risk gap might be even more pronounced. Women tend to generate strong T-cells response against the virus than men, as per the study. This study has been published in the Journal Nature. A senior author of the research has said that he has more conclusive data, which shows that the immune landscape in COVID patients is different between the sexes. These disparities trigger amplified disease susceptibility in men.

Type of T-cells is a kind of white blood cell, which helps our immune system recognize and eliminate any invading virus attacking the body. These cells can re-attack the virus in the case of resurgence. They are called protective proteins for the human body. The strength of Men’ T- cells response is quite different from women. The amount of the T cells men’s body generates it seems to depreciate with age. The study says that older men with poor T cell retort tend to develop more severe COVID 19 incidents. Experts have said that if we go by the findings of the study, it seems men and women need a different kind of COVID 19 treatment. The research team has advised therapeutic intervention and vaccine might elevate the response of T-cells in men.

Scientists have observed a group of 17 men and 22 females with COVID 19 infection in the study for nearly 3 months. They found that T cell response in men entirely depends on their age. Besides, older men have poorer T-cells response than young men. On the other hand, women’s age does not affect the response to their T -cells, as per the study. Nevertheless, experts have found out that women’s immune system respond in a very aggressive way at times. In this case, the level of cytokines, a kind of protein produced by white blood cells is elevated enormously in the body. This condition is called cytokines storm. This condition can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is a prime cause of coronavirus deaths worldwide.

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