Coronavirus Reinfection Surfaces In the United States

Coronavirus Effect

Recently, the world had its eyes on the first reinfection of Coronavirus in Hong Kong, China. Within a week, the United States also experienced its first case of documented reinfection of coronavirus. Amongst 6 million cases that have emerged in the States, this was the first case of reinfection. Scientists say that reinfection is very rare & something to worry about. These cases of reinfections make sure that a person can get infected more than once. The important thing is the period between getting cured & re-infected again. Scientist are trying to figure out how reinfection won’t affect the immune system. The Scientists at Nevada State Public Health Laboratory confirmed the case of reinfection.

This happened in the case of a 25-year-old man in Nevada. He started to develop symptoms in late March and had tested positive in mid-April. Further, in May he conducted two more tests, resulting COVID-19 negative twice. After a brief period of weeks of feeling better, he again tested positive in June. This time he had severe symptoms and hence was admitted to a hospital. The researchers in their brief study found out that a different version of the coronavirus had infected the person. The previous virus and the virus detected later on was slightly different. They also stated that the virus couldn’t mutate or change into the other virus, while still being present in the patient’s body.

Due to the reinfection cases surfacing slowly all over, Scientists have made it clear that there is no invulnerability from the virus. The virus can affect a new body or someone who has already been affected by it. Reinfection could provide new information regarding human immunity to coronavirus and how to deal with it. This study could prove useful while preparing the vaccine for COVID-19.

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