YouTube Has Decided To Make All New Originals Free Of Cost

YouTube Originals

Youtube is trying their best to get ahead in online streaming movies, web series market and recently they have officially declared that the future YouTube original content is going to free for the users from next year. The company now has decided to make stream these videos on an ad-supported basis. YouTube started their paid subscription program in 2015 under the name Youtube Red where a user needs to pay some subscription fee to access premium content. However, last year company rebranded this service as YouTube Premium, and from last few years the company have created lots of premium content such as Cobra Kai, Step Up: High Water for their users.

Even after entering into original content market YouTube relatively spent very less amount on making original content for their platform. It’s been estimated that big companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime invested a considerable amount of money for their original but YouTube on the hand restricted their budget. Even after announcing that the company is going to let users watch free of their premium content, YouTube is still not going to give up on their subscription service. Because according to the company they are going to offer the Ad-free services and offline video viewing features to their premium subscribers.

YouTube has always declined to reveal how many users have opted for their premium services, but the main focus of the company is still on ad-supported videos only. Because from last few years the company has made lots of improvements on their platform and the parent company Google is also experiencing with new Ad formats to keep users engaged. However, it will be interesting to see how the company is going to make money by showing their original content on the ad-supported platform and whether users are going to be happy with it or not.

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