Netflix Will Be Releasing Three Movies In Theatres


Netflix has decided to break their traditional way of providing service and now that they will be releasing their upcoming three films in the theatres. Netflix has produced some great content in last two years, and now they have decided to expand their business, and soon their upcoming films Roma, The Bird Box and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs will be released in the theatres before they release on their live streaming platform.

Roma is a black and white, Spanish language drama film which tells the story of a housekeeper living in Mexico. This film is going to release on November 21 in some selective theatres of across united states and overseas. However, many movie chains are demanding a 90 days period of exclusivity for these films which means that Netflix won’t be able to release these films on their online streaming platform for 90 days of its theatre release.

With this move, we can see that Netflix is trying to dominate offline movie market now also because many experts believe these upcoming Netflix films as the biggest contender at the future Oscar and if Netflix succeeds to release these films there’s no doubt that these films will bring some oscar to Netflix. As of last month, Netflix had more than 138 million monthly subscribers and with this move of entering into the offline market also the stock of the company will rise.

Netflix has faced issues with their own produced films because many directors and producers consider Netflix’s films as not “Oscar-worthy” and they opposed these films Oscar nomination but by releasing their upcoming films Netflix has given their answers to everyone, and it will be interesting to see how Netflix will be managing its customers because many customers will not like to watch a movie in theatres which will cost them more than S10 as compared Netflix monthly $8 subscription.

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