According To CDC Social Distancing Guidelines Apply To Pets As Well

social distancing pets

Whether it’s humans or animals, everyone is suffering from the current coronavirus outbreak, and according to the CDC, the guidelines of social distancing also apply to pets. According to centers for Disease Control and Prevention, family pets who live in the same house as their owner should be taken care of during this pandemic situation. According to experts, the pets might have chances of spreading the virus to other animals or even humans also, and that’s why they are recommending to follow the social guidelines for pets too. The guidelines issued by the CDC include that pets should not go outside the house or interact with any other people or animals also.

The set of new rules comes after an animal is found out that the animals are also at the risk of coronavirus outbreak, and it becomes necessary to follow the precaution for pets. The guidelines are simple, like they will have to take care of their pets and make sure they don’t meet infected people or animals outside the house. The agency thinks that pet owners should walk their dogs at least six feet away from other people since it will reduce the risk of getting an infection into a pet. The set of new guidelines became necessary after it’s been found out that cats also got infected with this virus.

Experts don’t want to take any risk, including those people who have pets in their house; even though the chance of getting the infection into animals is quite low, still everyone should follow the necessary precautions stated by CDC. Experts told to avoid primary social contacts with their pets like kissing, sharing beds or food since it will be good for both the pet owner and the animal. Before things get out of hands, it’s better to follow the required precautions since it will be helpful for many noninfected people.

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