Samsung Unveils Ai-Powered ‘Artificial Human’ At Consumer Electronics Show 2020


STAR Labs has officially unveiled its much-hyped mysterious ‘artificial human’ project Neon. STAR Labs is a Samsung subsidiary. While unveiling the digital avatar, the company described it as artificial intelligence that can ‘sympathize and converse’ just like a human being. The announcement was made at the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas. According to the company, the technology can be used in multiple ways as this allows the creation of customized digital beings. It can be designed to appear on TV as anchors, spokespersons and movie actors or on video games or even ‘friends and companions.’ “Neon will be our collaborators, companions, and friends that will learn and evolve from memories formed during interactions,” said Pranav Mistry. Pranav Mistry is the chief executive officer of Samsung’s STAR labs research division.

Pranav Mistry said that Neon is like a new kind of life. “There are millions of species already on Earth and we are trying to add one more,” the STAR Labs CEO said in a release. The company claimed that Neon is inspired by the ‘rhythmic complexities’ and it has been extensively trained about human behaviour. Digital avatars have been in use for specific purposes like in games. But Neon has moved a step ahead by enabling interactions and incorporating human emotion. Star Labs and Samsung claimed that Neon offers human avatars with the lifelike reality that totally beyond normal perception to distinguish. So it could fit in multiple roles like financial advisors, concierges or even healthcare providers.

However, some industry specialists questioned the lack of details provided by the consumer electronics giant. Some reports claim that Neon is simply computer-animated human with artificial intelligence like the Tupac hologram or Siri. So there is no doubt that STAR Labs is trying something new but there is some ambiguity over what it is doing. The company to an extent failed to explain it at the unveiling of Neon at CES 2020 and relied only on hype and jargon.

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