Instagram Adds Three New Options To Boomerang Stories Feature


Popular photo-sharing app Instagram has added new options to its Boomerang stories feature. The new options are SlowMo, Echo, and Duo. Besides, the Facebook-owned app also rolled out a new feature to trim length. Instagram said the new options are aimed at making Boomerangs more interesting and fun among the users. The just added options are available to users globally on both iOS and Android platforms. Boomerang stories feature lets users create short videos. The videos use a bunch of photos and play them in quick succession and loop back and forth. It looks like a flip book going back and forth.

Instagram said the new filters will help users to express themselves more creatively and turn everyday moments into fun. The options are available in the Boomerang composer located in the Stories camera of Instagram. The SlowMo will slow videos to half their original speed. The Echo option will create a double vision effect. The Duo option will speed up and slow down, adding a texturized effect. It is also now possible to trim and adjust the length of videos. The latest effects by Instagram come as an over-the-air update.

Boomerang typically captures one second of the video. The silent video is then played forward and in reverse thrice to create a six-second loop. It can be shared and downloaded as a video as well. To access new filters, users will have to open the Story camera and then swipe over to Boomerang on the carousel. Now tap the shutter button or hold it down and let go. Then tap the symbol of infinity along the top of the display to access the new options. Instagram recently launched a new Layout feature. It allows users to add six photos in a single story. Notably, Instagram’s Stories feature was the most used part of the app in 2019. The company said it is already working on new features for Stories with its new Create mode.

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