Spotify Launches New Standalone App for Kids in U.S., France, and Canada


Parents are always seeking new ways to entertain their kids, let it be a game or some digital means. Amid ongoing coronavirus, pandemic parents have left with no options other than quarantining themselves and kids at home. Well, there’s one good news for parents. On Tuesday, Spotify has announced that it is extending its Spotify Kids bet for its users in the U.S., France, and Canada. Besides, parents can use the app to entertain kids as far as they have a Premium Family account of the Swedish music streaming service. The app, specially designed for kids having ages three and above, is available now for Android and iOS users. Notably, it is an add-free app, and a parent has to set it up.

Spotify kids contains a selection of human-curated content, including 125 playlists and more than 8,000 tracks. Interestingly, the music streaming service has designed some playlists around famous movies like Frozen. Even more, the selection includes some specifically customized playlists for bedtime. Apart from this, some will assist kids in learning 123s and ABCs. Most importantly, the range consists of a new coronavirus-influenced playlist named – Wash Your Hands. Spotify says it has designed that playlist primarily to assist in teaching kids how to wash hands properly, sneeze, and cough. Presenting the playlist is the new Pinkfong song – Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark.

Spotify’s new app for kids also features audiobooks, sing-alongs, and stories. The music streaming service says the app stories last up to more than 60 hours, including classic stories, fairy tales, short tales, and Disney Music Group Stories. On the other hand, Spotify’s classic app has a dark green color pattern, while the Kids is providing users a more colorful scheme with big tiles. It also comprises of avatars specially created to guide kids throughout the application. Currently, the app is in beta phase. Meanwhile, the company will continue to pay attention to updating the software along with keeping things relevant and safe for the younger audience. So far, users subscribed to Spotify’s $15 per month Premium Family Plan will not have to pay additional charges to use Kids service. Notably, the member count in the plan will also include kids. At a time, six members of a family can share Spotify’s family plan. Above all, the ultimate goal is to deploy a separate app that seems more interesting for kids along with a human-curated content. Most importantly, the use of Spotify by parents will no longer have an impact on the listening habits of kids.

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