Whole Foods Stores To Have Amazon One Pay-By-Palm Payment System


Amazon has rolled out its pay-by-palm payment technology system. The company has started testing this palm-scanning payment technology at Whole Foods grocery stores. Initially, the facility is available near company headquarters in Seattle. This will be soon rolled out at many other locations, said people aware of the development. The technology is called Amazon One and made its debut in September last year. It is already being used at several Amazon physical stores. The technology helps customers to make payments with their palms. All they have to do is to place their palm over a scanning device. For the first time, shoppers will have to provide their credit card details to link it with their palms. Once done, shoppers will be able to make the payment simply by placing their hand over the kiosk.

The rollout at the Whole Foods stores will be a substantial expansion of this technology. According to the company, Amazon One has got a good response as thousands of customers have already signed up. In the Amazon FAQ section, the company explained that the feature analyzes both subcutaneous features as well as the surface area of the palm to identify a customer. This allows shoppers to use biometric scans for payment which is much faster than using cards or cash. Those users who have already registered may have to re-link their cards in order to use them at Whole Foods. Users can also link their Prime accounts to avail their subscription service’s discounts while shopping.

The feature will be offered as just one of the payment options at the store. The company also said that it will not impact the role of employees at the store. Over the next few months, Amazon One will be rolled to seven other Whole Foods stores in Seattle. Amazon had acquired the grocery chain for more than USD 13 billion in 2017. But the company has not announced anything about how and when it will be launched outside Seattle. This payment feature is different from the Just Walk Out technology by the company. Just Walk Out technology allows customers to pick their items and simply walk out of the store. They don’t even have to go through a checkout line.

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