The American Actress Courteney Cox Says, ‘She is Looking Strange’ After The Cosmetic Procedures

Courteney Cox

The American actress, producer, and director Courteney Cox has spoken out about how she attempted to use the cosmetic procedures to look younger at one point in her life.

Recently, in an interview with The Sunday Times Style, the 57 years old actor explained in detail about the Courteney Cox looks and he said she is comfortable in her current look also she is ‘looking older”, previously she had an issue dealing with changing her appearance,

The actress Courteney Cox said, “There was a point in time where you had thought, ‘I am getting older. Oh, I am changing.’ I have been trying to chase that youthfulness for a long period. I did not realize that I am looking very strange after having injections and doing many things with my face that I would never do at present.”

She also said one day, she realized what her friends were discussing about her. Also, she said, “Because many people would discuss about me. I think there was a time where I moved, I have got to stop. It’s crazy”.

The actress Cox said all of her fillers were removed in 2017 and told about her “New Beauty” because she wants to look “natural as I can be.”

In 2017, Courteney Cox said it was easy to go overboard with various treatment options slowly.

In an interview with the newspaper, she said-The Sunday Times, the actress Courteney said the attention to the women in the spotlight or limelight as they are getting older is tough to bear.

Courteney Cox is still trying all kinds of new beauty products to look younger. She said in her statement to the Sunday Times. Also, she states, “I am a product brand whore, and will try everything.”

Cox stated in her statement to the Sunday Times newspaper. She is worried about her daughter’s followers on the Instagram app, with more than 300,000. The two ladies regularly share videos of dancing and singing together. Courteney even let her girl do make-up in one of the videos, resulting in two not-so-subtle facial “tattoos” drawn using eyeliner.

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