Google Is Reportedly Going To Remove Ad Balance Feature


Google is that tech company which takes the necessary steps to make sure their users and advertisers get the best out of their services. That’s why Google has reportedly decided to remove Ad Balance Feature from Adsense, which was used by publishers to remove low-quality ads. This feature was used by both publishers and advertisers to make decisions about the right type of ad they want to show to users. In a recent report, Google notified that they had retired the AdSense balance feature from May 20, and everyone will be notified about it.

Google said this feature, which was used by publishers to remove low-quality ads, has decided to be removed for a further experiment by the tech company. The notification about it will be mailed to every publisher and advertisers who use it. Google is making lots of changes in Adsense policies from the last few months because the majority of its revenue comes from advertisements. However, this one will impact those who used it to show better advertisements. Google will be officially sending emails to those who are using this feature and will provide further information on this subject.

Google also talked about how they are making their products better by adding some more features to the betterment of advertisers and publishers. A few days ago, Google decided to use the Google Adsense app from the android and iOs Store platform. This decision was quite shocking considering the use of Adsense in android and iOs movies by publishers. However, since things are getting changing, Adsense teams are also taking necessary steps to make their platform better. The changes mentioned above will be getting into effect as on May 20, and more options will be able for everyone.

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