The Coronavirus Cases Increasing In America Might Put A Stop On Reopening Of Businesses

Coronavirus Effect

Trump a few days ago, stated publicly that he is considering reopening businesses in the US. Because small businesses and medium ones are suffering a considerable amount of losses because of this situation, the Federal government is thinking of reopening the economy. Many protesters are opposing stay at home orders given by the Trump administration. These are some groups of people who don’t want to stay at home even during this challenging pandemic situation. When asked about this protest, Trump said he is supporting them, and think they are right in this particular situation.

The current data prove that not even a single state has managed to slow down the number of coronavirus cases, and the trend is going upward only. States like New York have already been witnessing a daily amount of new cases which is an indication that reopening of the economy will fail here. Not only new cases but the number of deaths per day in the US is more than 2000, which is significantly larger than all other countries. People are dying every day because of this deadly virus, and the spread of it will happen more fastly if the reopening of the economy occurs. This situation is already getting compared with the great depression era because of millions of people filing for unemployment benefits.

However, Trump is not the only leader who thinks reopening the economy is a good thing because many other states are also considering the same. The majority of the states have failed to show the decline of the number of Coronavirus cases in the last 14 days. The Trump administration is focusing on reopening the economy, even during this pandemic situation. Trump recently tweeted about how the USA went through the plague, World War situation, and conquered everything.

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