iOS 13.3 Introduces A Unique And Improved Parental Control Feature To Limit Kids’ iPhone Addiction

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Apple has released an update to its operating system iOS 13.3 with some of the greatest features in it. The centerpiece of the improvements in new software update is its screen time parental control. Parents can easily limit the screen time of their children with this new feature. Screen Time parental control would allow parents to keep track of their kids’ calls, texts, and Face time. It will also help in managing contacts and setting time-restricted usage for children. If parents do not want their kids to be on phone after 9 PM, they can certainly do that. However, it will not work if the children are using third-party apps to text or video chat.

Parents can apply limits across phone calls, text messages and Face time during certain hours of the day and night. They can set a contact-based limit on children’s iPhone. With this tool, the children can be contacted by only those people who are in the contact list during the allowed screen time. It will also block unknown calls. Only designated people in the contact list can call the children during the downtime. With the new parental control tool, parents can select who can keep in touch with their children through iPhone and when. They can also restrict the people whom kids can call or text during the downtime. Parents can restrain their children from texting or calling their friends late at night or during school time by scheduling downtime.

The new parental control in iOS 13.3 enables parents to keep a tab on children’s iCloud contacts remotely. It gives parents full control of their kids’ contact list. Parents can also control the time when the kids’ phones cannot be used at all. With new parental control, the company aims to address people’s dysfunctional bond with technology. Apart from Apple, Google has also introduced digital wellbeing control tools. Instagram and facebook as well have taken a lead to focus on new metrics like ‘time well spent’. However, there are still some loopholes with iPhone’s new parental control but it is a good practice to start with.

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