Report Shows That Mental Health Problems Significantly Raised In Young Americans

Report Shows That Mental Health Problems Significantly Raised In Young Americans

Nowadays people tend to be focused more on achieving that thing which doesn’t bring any happiness to them. It seems like many Americans are such type of people because many of them are trying to compete with each other to achieve something doesn’t make them feel happy or an enjoyable human being. According to a recent health survey done by the American Psychological Association, it’s been found that cases of depression or anxiety have increased among young americans. After looking at this health study’s data, it seems like this problem is getting more severe than anyone’s expectations.

The report shows that from last 10-12 years cases of depression has increased by 52% among young American. A new data from Centres for Disease Control and Prevention also indicates that rate of suicides has increased among younger generations. Nowadays cases of depression or anxiety are becoming common, and people are getting more psychological distressed. Some health expert thinks that the only big reason why so many youngsters are going through mental distress is because of cultural difference. Nowadays people are trying to compare each moment of their lives with another person. Use of social media has increased significantly among young generations.

Also, they are spending too much time on such things which are making them productive every day. Social media sites have become a necessity for many teens since their day starts with Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites. There have been many case studies done on side effects of using social media, and it’s been found that use of such things increases problems of low self-esteem or depression. Cyberbullying has become one of the severe health issues since many teens who get bullied online will go through stressful situations. It seems like government organisations will have to look into this matter more severely and take necessary action.

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