A Study Found Social Media Usage Has Increased Mental Health Issues In Teens

A Study Found Social Media Usage Has Increased Mental Health Issues In Teens

Using social media has become more than a necessity for some teens, and now health experts think addiction is using such digital platforms is dangerous for health benefits. According to a new health survey done by the American Psychological Association, they found that many adults who born in 1995 or later are facing mental health issues because of the overuse of social media. Health experts said that there had been a significant increase in depression or anxiety related cases among youngsters.

Many adults are feeling more stressed or anxious as compared to older time also one of the primary reason behind such feeling is overuse of social media. Nowadays people are getting connected with other people online, but on the other hand, it is also making them more anxious and worried. This survey shows that many adults are suffering mood disorders more often which could become a severe problem. In this health study, researchers asked questions to participants whether they are getting any depression-related symptoms or not. Now surprisingly 52% of adolescents agreed that they got depression-related symptoms. Psychological distress which many youngsters are facing is a significant issue which needs to be resolved quickly.

One shocking thing which researchers found is that the rate of suicidal thoughts increased by 47% from last ten years. Many adults spend too much time on social media which according to health experts is not good. Teenagers quickly compare their lives with others through social media which is making them more worried and anxious than anything. Researchers are advising people to interact more with people and have face to face conversation since that will help them to feel good. People need to realize that social interaction is way better and essential for their mental health.

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