Motorola’s Razr Foldable Smartphone First Look Leaked

It is sporadic to see the official marketing images of the smartphone being leaked before the official launch. But the official marketing images of the Motorola Moto Razr smartphone are leaked. Serial Smartphone news Leaker Evan Blass shared the official photos of the Moto Razr foldable smartphone on Twitter. The images were not the fan rendering or the official renderings, but the official marketing images used by Motorola. The leaks came way before the official launch when the company was preparing for the launch in the coming days.

The first iteration of the Moto Razr Foldable feature phone made ripples in the market, as it was one of the stylish phones available in the market back in the days. Now, the company has redesigned the phone but retained the signature foldable design. The foldable flip design was the primary form factor, and the company has preserved the same in this device. The RAZR smartphone comes with Flip design, Thick Phone lips with tons of sensors inside, the official images show us the front camera that can be used to take the rear and front pictures. Also, the fingerprint sensor has been introduced for the users.

The device is not the traditional Feature phone, but the smartphone. According to the leaked and speculated specifications, the device will have Snapdragon 710 processor, 4GB/128GB, and 6GB/256GB storage variants. Also, Motorola might introduce the device with a 2,730 mAh capacity battery for powering up the smartphone. Unlike the first iteration, this device will come with the Touch screen display and might have the secondary display on the backside for showing the time and notifications. Motorola was expected to release these images on November 13th on the official launch, but the leaker shared these images publically. According to the reports, the Moto RAZR device will be exclusive to Verizon.

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