Apple Announced Record Breaking Earning From Appstore Due To The Holiday Season

When it comes to the app industry, Apple dominates it without any doubt, and it seems like the latest holiday season went well for the Apple since the company declared that it earned record-breaking appstore revenue. During the new year and Christmas eve many people have spent more than 1.2 billion dollars of money on purchasing paid apps and games which shows apple’s dominance over the appstore business. Apple has completely revamped the app store with its latest new iOS 11 which has brought significant changes for the users. According to the company’s report, the users on the new year’s occasion spent a whopping amount of $322 million. The officials from Apple’s teams said that they did not expect that much of great response from its users, but they are happy that they had a record-breaking holiday week.

So far this week has not gone well for Apple as the tech giant company’s shares went down because of the low demand of its newly launched iPhones. However, this latest revenue report must’ve boosted the confidence since no smartphone company has ever earned that much amount of money from their app store users. Many Apple users have seen to be interested in downloading the games, and high-end apps only and apple earned most of this revenue from such kind of paid apps. Tech experts think that not only app store but other services of Apple like Apple music, Apple Pay and Apple cloud services have also performed great.

PUBG and Fortnite are those games which Apple users downloaded the most in this holiday season. From last few months, Apple has been under pressure from its investors because of the lower sale of iPhones units however this small but useful revenue generated from app store by the company must’ve made its investors happy.

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