Facebook Is Asking Its Users To Submit IDs To Prove Their Identity


Facebook is unarguably one of the largest tech companies in the world and to make their platform better Facebook is now considering to remove all the suspicious accounts. Many people on the Facebook are losing their accounts because the company is removing all those accounts which they think are suspicious and if you’re asked by the facebook to confirm your details then submit you can submit personal ID. From last few months the company faced lots of criticism for its data scandals, and now the Facebook has made its vision clear to verify all the users by asking them to submit their ID. One can submit a birth certificate, driving license, passport, green card, etc. However, if you don’t have any of these documents to verify yourself then also you still can submit a social security card, bank statement or medical records.  

Last few months were not suitable for Facebook because of the controversy regarding how the company is misusing its users’ private data. In September 2018 facebook found a security flaw due to which hackers can steal the data of more than 50 million users and they had even access of more than 14 million users private data. Such kind of incidents now have made Facebook rethink about the security of its users, and that’s the reason the company is now urging people to submit the ID card to prove their identity. If you think that your Facebook has got hacked or someone also has access to your account then submit the ID of yourself to prove that you’re the owner of your account.

Facebook has been taking lots of actions to improve the platform and now with this step the company will be able to locate all the fake accounts easily and remove them also.

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