Dr. Mario World Coming for Android and iOS smartphones

Dr. Mario World

Nintendo today announced that they are bringing the Popular Dr. Mario World game for the Android and iOS smartphones. The company announced that the game would be released for smartphones by Early summer. The Mario World puzzle game is loved by every console lover now that game is being made available for the smartphone users too. The game will be free to play but with optional in-game purchases like the quests, and items.

Nintendo said that they are planning to launch the game in Japan, USA, and 60 other countries at the same time. The game is jointly developed and managed by Nintendo, Line, and NHN Entertainment. According to the press statement, these three companies will together share the development, management and the revenue of the game. Dr. Mario World is one of the most popular games that was initially released back in the 1990s for the NES consoles. After the increased popularity, the game was ported to many other consoles and it still developing even after 28 years.

The game is supposed to release in the 60 countries worldwide at the same. The smartphone users can download this game from their respective App store applications, like Android users can find this game on Google Play Store, and iOS users can find it on Apple App Store. The game is equipped with the paid items, but purchasing them is optional and does not affect the gameplay. Once launched, the game will join the list of smartphone games from the house of Nintendo. Recently, the company announced that they will begin the first official store in Japan and will sell all of the products and host game events for hardcore fans. Also, the company has delayed the launch of Mario Cart Tour game for the Android and iOS till the end of summer.

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