Magic Leap’s Futuristic Headset is more Like HoloLens

Magic Leap’s Futuristic Headset is more Like HoloLens

A secretive Florida-based start-up “Magic Leap” raised almost $1.9 billion for making a pair of VR smartglasses. On Wednesday morning the glasses finally got released, a massive reveal and $1.9 billion under making. After the release of this Magic Leap One, various press outlets got a scope to have a look at the device personally up close. The Adi Robertson of Verge among those who got the opportunity to see it up close through this augmented magical device, but turned out feeling as if the headset doesn’t have much to distinguish itself from that of the HoloLens by Microsoft that which launched two years prior to this. For years, Magic Leap has been raising astronomical phase of funding from the likes of Alibaba and Google, Jo Morgan and Fidelity. On Wednesday morning; it unleashed its first item, “Magic Leap One”.

The idea of Magic Leap One is simple- a wearable computer.

Robertson, who holds a prolonged history regarding AR and VR covering at The Verge, has been close to the Magic Leap story lately. After flipping over the demo of the Magic Leap One, she ends up suggesting that this device is more of a “Magic Step” than the “Magic leap”. Looking through the Light-wear glasses of the Magic Leap One, one can look up to the YouTube, videos, or manage e-mails, or any other stuff that a person would normally do on their computer or a Smartphone. The only exception here is rather than bending the head to look to a screen one can have it in the sphere of their sight.

Since it’s a self contained Augmented Reality headset, comparing it with the HoloLens can’t be totally ignored. That’s why whilst Roberson tells that the sphere of view of the magic leap is wider than the HoloLens’, still there stay fundamental limitations to its dimensional experience, as this AR headset can only jack up only a part of the entire viewing field at a certain point of time. As per the Rolling Stone part, in near future, the version of headsets of Magic Leap will outstandingly expand the sphere of view delivering much more.

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