Climate Change Might Affect The Rate of Male To Female Newborn Ratio

Climate Affect Newborn Ratio

When it comes to global warming there are many case studies which show that the climate change is negatively impacting on the earth and if the situation gets continue then it might create some terrible problems, however, a recent study done in Japan shows something similar to this. The researchers of Japan found that this climate change might affect the proportion of newborn male-female children. The researchers think in future more boys will get born in those places where the temperature will be huge and fewer boys will get born in other environmental affected areas such as wildfire, drought etc. The researchers think they found a clear linkage between the ecological changes and the lower male-female birth ratio.

Researchers studied about those areas which have got affected because of the natural disasters like Earthquake, Wildfire and they found that in such regions the rate of newborn male is relatively lower. The researcher said that the only reason behind this thing is the high-stress level in those regions due to environmental changes which affect the process of newborn babies and they still haven’t found the exact reasons behind it. However, some scientists argue that the number of females dies during pregnancy is high as compared to male, and that might be the reason why there might be high male to women ratio in future also. However, there could be genetic abnormalities which might cause the low birth rate of girls as compared to boys.

Scientists say that the average male ratio to the female in the world is 100 to 106 males born for every 100 women. Some health experts think that newborn boys are weaker and more vulnerable to death as compared to girls.

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