Carlos Ghosn Resigned From Renault As The Chief Executive Officer of The Company

Carlos Ghosn

Managing a company and that too a large corporation is not an easy task; however there are some cases where the head of the company might do something illegal or immoral due to which they, might have to leave a company and that’s what happened with Renault’s CEO Carlos Ghosn. According to the recent reports which state that the head of the Renault company Carlos Ghosn has resigned from the company’s chief executive officer’s post. The news relating to the exit of Ghosn released by the French government who is also a stakeholder of Renault. Carlos Ghosn who is considered as a good leader in the auto industry since he made the global auto alliance of the three large companies namely: Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors. However a few days ago he got arrested by the Japanese government over the allegations of financial misconduct.

The Japanese government had charged Carlos Ghosn for some severe financial crimes under which the government thinks that Ghosn had intentionally transferred his personal trading losses to the Nissan company’s accounts when he was the head of the company. The case is still going on in the local court, and if he found guilty, then he might go to the jail also will have to pay a hefty amount of penalty for damaging the company’s reputation. However, Carlos Ghosn has denied all these allegations made on him, and he thinks he is innocent. The big question which is concerning the investor is that whether the global auto alliance between the three companies Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi Motors will still going on since the founder of this alliance has been jailed for such a severe crime.

However, as of now, Renault hasn’t declared about the next CEO of the company, but experts are predicting that the board of directors are considering of appointing Jean-Dominique Senard as the interim CEO of the company.

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