Facebook Is Planning To Merge Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram

Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram

When it comes social media, there’s only one company which owns most of the major apps in this sector, and that’s Facebook. Billions of people use the Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram which is owned by Facebook. However, the company’s management is thinking of merging all of these apps and making it easy for the company to manage. According to the recent reports which show that Facebook is trying to join Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram by creating a single infrastructure for all these apps. Many people who use such apps don’t know that the ownership of all of these applications vests with Facebook and now it’s trying to merge top social media platforms which billions of people around the world use. These three social media platforms will work as three different apps, but in the backend, all of these would be controlled by the same infrastructure.

From last few months, Facebook has been in lots of controversies because of its data sharing policies. Since all of these apps are going to be control under the same roof, it will be easy for the company to show Ads to the users. The Facebook acquired Whatsapp in 2014 and a few months ago its co-founder Jan Koum left the company by stating that he faced the disagreements with the Facebook regarding the data sharing policies. On the other hand Instagram founders also left the Facebook after not getting the desired results under the Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership. There are many cases where it looks that many people don’t like the way Facebook does its business and after this news, some tech experts are worrying about the data sharing policies.

Now since all these apps are going to be controlled under a single roof, the company shall have to take significant steps to make sure that users data is not going to get misused by them or any other third person.

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