Margot Robbie’s Personal Trainer Thinks The Breakfast Is Overrated For Health Benefits

Margot Robbie’s Personal Trainer Thinks The Breakfast Is Overrated For Health Benefits

Many doctors recommend that not to skip breakfast from your daily routine because going out to work without eating any breakfast might create some health problems. However, some experts like David Higgins who is an acclaimed fitness trainer and trained many Hollywood celebrities like Margot Robbie, Samuel L Jackson, etc. don’t believe in this theory.  According to the David Higgins Breakfast is the most overrated dish because he thinks that a person doesn’t need breakfast to stay healthy and fit.

According to Higgins Breakfast is the most important meal of the day was the 1940s concept of selling eggs and bacon to the people. In those days there was a massive marketing campaign for promoting eggs and bacon and the company who did the advertisement convince people that they need to eat the breakfast before they go to the work. There are many health studies which show that eating breakfast will provide a person required nutrition, proteins which will help them to work for the whole day.

In some case studies, it’s been found that some people who eat breakfast daily are most of the time exposed to be slimmer than those who skip it. However, there is another health research done by the University of Bath in which researchers found that those people who skip breakfast don’t eat a big lunch; instead, they consume the usual amount of meal. However, Higgins is the follower of fasting concept under which he convinces people to skip the breakfast in the morning and eat the lunch in the afternoon, then get the last food in the night at around 8 PM which your body will easily digest and provide the needed nutrients.

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